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Membership of the Ethical Tea Society starts at a national level through a Dilmah Distributor for a particular territory. The distributer would become the ‘Ethical Tea Society Sponsor’ and a minimum requirement for membership is set depending on the composition of the network. The network consists of individuals and representatives of Dilmah affiliated entities.

The Dilmah Distributor would retain the role of Society Sponsor and Founder Member for that territory while members consisting of Dilmah tea drinkers, retailers and hospitality operators who support Dilmah, media or other persons who endorse Dilmah, can offer their support in the form of goodwill. The member, is in each case an individual, or a company represented by an individual who is formally nominated by that company.

In the event the ETS Sponsor/Founder Member ceases to be a Dilmah Distributor for that territory, it is an obligation to transfer all details and documentation relating to the membership to Ceylon Tea Services Ltd., on request. In the event an individual who has joined the ETS in their capacity as the nominated representative of a retail or hospitality operator, ceases to be employed by that entity, they are required to inform the ETS and either change their membership to individual membership or relinquish membership of the ETS.

ETS members are required to display the ETS logo and to communicate their membership of the ETS via decals which should typically be placed at main entrance points, or via communication at point of sale. For this purpose ETS Sponsors will receive double side printed glass door stickers (for glass doors), Tent Cards, ETS leaflets and other communication materials.


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