How do I set up an ETS?

Establishing an Ethical Tea Society in your region

The first requirement for establishing an ETS in your area is to share the objectives of the ETS with a selected target group and assess their interest. That initial communication could be supported by case studies which will be shared with potentially interested ETS members and are also available online at

A requirement of all ETS Sponsors and members is their sincere belief in the role that business and the private sector has to play – as an obligation rather than as a marketing strategy – in development, human welfare and environmental sustainability.

Once that assessment is complete and the possibility of 50 members being enrolled is confirmed, we invite formal intimation or your interest in initiating your role as an ETS Sponsor and providing general information about the potential membership which should have by that time, been consulted.

The ETS Sponsor is required to nominate a member of staff with strong moral character and a belief in the principle set out above. That person would be the ETS Liaison for that territory and would be the focal point for all communication amongst ETS members, ETS Colombo (Ceylon Tea Services), Dilmah Conservation and the MJF Charitable Foundation.

How Do I Join?

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