Supporting the welfare of elephants at the Elephant Transit Home

The Elephant Transit Home (ETH) was established by Sri Lanka’s Department of Wildlife Conservation in 1995 to provide a home away from home for orphaned baby elephants. In Sri Lanka, a number of baby elephants become separated from their herds due to various human actions. Their eventual survival in the wild is dependent on the care and attention they receive at the ETH. The calves are kept under careful watch at the ETH for upto 5 years where after they are released. Nearly 90 baby elephants have now been released back into the wild after being rehabilitated at the ETH. Dilmah Conservation has been working with the Department of Wildlife Conservation to provide better facilities for the elephants as well as the visitors to the Centre. Dilmah Conservation has provided various infra-structure facilities including setting up solar panels to provide warm water. You can support the ETH by sponsoring an elephant calf for the duration of their stay at the Centre, by providing milk for the elephants or by way of donations to maintain the smooth functioning of the Centre. For more details contact marketing@dilmahtea.com

View our work at the ETH

MJFCF special education project to enhance education of plantation children

The MJF Charitable Foundation is currently supporting Ordinary Level students in 22 schools in the Talawakelle Educational Zone with additional classes and model examinations to enable them to face the Ordinary Level examinations. Already, the results are evident as the Talawakelle Zone has been identified as most successful Educational Zone in the Nuwara Eliya District. This initiative was introduced subsequent to a request made by the in- service coordinator of the Nuwara Eliya Education Zone.

The initiative began with model examinations for 950 Ordinary Level students way back in May, 2010 and two batches of students have already completed the Ordinary Level examination since then. Dilmah Partner, Noramix Group of Norway was instrumental in funding the costs of the test papers at the beginning. Each month model examination papers for English, Mathematics and Science are distributed among the recipient schools in Talawakelle. The feedback from students show that these model examinations have helped them and motivated them to sit for the final examination in December with confidence. The papers are set based on the current school curriculum and simulate the final examination. The model examinations also give teachers the ability to evaluate the progress of students and point out strengths and weaknesses monthly.

This initiative was initially supported by Dilmah Global Partner Noramix Group of Norway under the Ethical Tea Society concept. Today, the project is continuing with yet another group of Ordinary Level students being supported. You can become part of the initiative by sponsoring the cost of their extra classes, covering the printing costs for model examination papers or by sponsoring a school in the Educational Zone through their Ordinary Level examinations.

The Dhiriya Centre

The Dhiriya Centre in Siyambalanduwa provides free vocational training classes in computer and dress making for youth and revision classes in key subjects for students sitting for their GCE Ordinary Level Examinations. Situated in Monaragala, officially the least developed among Sri Lanka’s administrate districts; a majority of the recipients are poor and would not have been able to afford training if not for the MJFCF initiative. The Diriya Centre is a source of hope for youth as it gives them an opportunity to enhance and receive skills which would help them become gainfully employed.

The Dhiriya Centre was established with support from Dilmah Global Distributer in Poland Gourmet Foods. Gourmet Foods sponsored furniture, computers, printers, sewing machines and also covered the expenses for setting up internet and telecommunications facilities and the salaries of the teachers at the beginning.

The Centre functions purely with support of the MJF Charitable Foundation. You too can contribute in many ways. You can sponsor the cost of additional classes for Ordinary Level students or support the vocational training centre by sponsoring the salaries of the teachers. The Dhiriya Centre has many opportunities for partnerships under the Ethical Tea Society concept – we urge you to explore them.

MJFCF Scholarship Scheme for students in Dilmah plantations

A unique scholarship scheme to support the children of Dilmah Plantations workers began way back in 2004 under the MJF Charitable Foundation. This scheme which commenced initially to support Advanced Level students evolved overtime to include students who gained entrance to university. In January 2012, the scheme awarded its 100th university scholarship to the daughter of a plantation worker who gained entrance to a local university. Advanced Level students who receive 5 A’s or more at their Ordinary Level examinations are supported for a two-year period while deserving students who gain entrance to university are supported for a three-year period. In total, over 200 scholarships have been awarded to deserving students so far.

You can become part of the Scholarship Scheme by sponsoring a plantation student reach their true potential.

Ethically handcrafted products by Mankada

Mankada is an initiative of the MJF Centre for Empowerment through Traditional Arts & Crafts which was set up primarily to support and empower marginalised communities living on the periphery of the Udawalawe National Park in south eastern Sri Lanka. Mankada produces one of a kind handmade terracotta kitchenware, replicas of animals, pendants, mugs, teapots, tea bag holders and a variety of beautiful and original craft. The art is inspired by the Udawalawe National Park in the vicinity, home to many species of fauna and flora. These ethical handmade products are marketed to consumers worldwide through the Dilmah distributer network.

The Mankada Pottery Centre has replicated four endemic fish species’ discovered in Dilmah tea gardens as part of its latest efforts at preserving the natural heritage of Sri Lanka. These pendants are available in glazed blue finish and a matt brown finish and have been handcrafted by the women potters of Mankada. Also available in glazed blue finish are pendants of some of the endemic animals found within the precincts of the Udawalawe National Park where some of the largest elephant herds in the country live.

We encourage you to use the Ethical Tea Society membership opportunity to purchase these ethical items and support the empowerment of these women potters and their families in Sri Lanka.

View our work at Mankada

The MJF Kids Programme

The MJF Kids Child Development programme for over 120 children living urban slums in the vicinity of MJF Group factory premises in Sri Lanka aims to inspire hope and realise the potential of these children. Through the MJF Kids Programme the children receive extra classes to support their education, leadership training and nurturing their aesthetic skills. They gather daily after school at their designated MJF Kids Centre for guidance by caring teachers. The children receive training in essential life skills and are provided with much needed psycho-social support. Through the Voice of the MJF Kids news magazine and the MJF Kids Blog (kids.mjffoundation.org) the children are given the opportunity to make their opinions count on subjects such as ethnic harmony and the environment, and to share their creativity with people around the world.

Every MJF Kid is unique. The MJF Charitable Foundation will support their wellbeing until they are able to venture out into the world as responsible citizens able to make a change. Opportunities for ethical partnerships through the Ethical Tea Society concept are available for members of the Dilmah global family. You can sponsor the cost of education of a Dilmah Kid for a certain time period or cover the cost of their daily refreshments. The MJF Kids centre in Peliyagoda can also use your voluntary services to teach English, Science, Mathematics, English and arts and crafts.

Watch the transformation of the MJF Kids

Daskam Nivasa

The Daskam Nivasa was set up in 2008 by the MJF Charitable Foundation to support the talented students of the School for Visual and Hearing Impaired in Moneragala with vocational training. While the School provides educational support to children and young adults, the Daskam Niwasa gives them a chance for a better future through empowerment in the form of vocational training. It also provides the students with a showroom where they are able to market their products.

The Daskam Nivasa currently provides vocational training facilities for the older students who pass out of the School for Visual and Hearing Impaired. However, due to funding constraints and the lack of space, only a limited number of students can be accommodated at once. We look forward to future ethical partnerships under the Ethical Tea Society concept.

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